Ceaseless Love

Your love
A raging river flows through my soul
Sweeping my feet from beneath me
Until I’m drowning

Your love
A tiny fire kindled within
Becomes a mighty wildfire
That I can’t contain

Your love
Is as steadfast as a mountain
A firm rock which cannot be moved
Steadying my feet

And oh
Pour the Holy Spirit over me
Untameable as the blue ocean
Chase my heart with a wildfire
Burning brightly for all to see
And as the moon is a reflection
So too will I be
For you

Why I Love Worship

Worship is completely humbling yourself and surrendering every issue and concern to God in acknowledging he is Creator and Lord above all.

Worship can manifest itself in several ways: praying, praying in tongues, singing, dancing… Worship is the expression of joy felt in giving glory unto God.

When I worship, I feel as though my burdens are vanquished, my fears disspelled. My issues seem so much less significant or impactful when I praise God for who he is. My heart becomes renewed, and I experience joy in his presence as I join in the heavenly choruses. That is why I love worship!


Amidst the dark and stormy sea
Your love, a blanket, envelopes me.
I see it in the glimmer of the moon,
Though the clouds strive to obscure my view.
I will not remove my sight from you
As I step upon the waves.
For your love is enduring through the raging storm
And will carry me to safety
Until my feet rest upon the solid grounds.
Your hope anchors my soul despite the swaying ship beneath me,
And I will not drown.
On eagle’s wings I will soar through the night
Until the promise of daylight.
Where I can be with you, my strength and comfort,
In the Promised Land where my cup overflows.

I Found God Through the Kindness of a Teacher

When I was in eighth grade, my family was struggling with simply loving each other as Christ loved us. There was an unbearable amount of strife: yelling and arguing, the threat of divorce. I was so afraid to face reality I would hide in the cupboards for hours and cry. I had absolutely no idea how to cope, and I felt as though I were drowning in hatred and fear.

I was completely clueless in school. I was being bullied, physically, by one girl almost every day, and my friends were not accepting me into the group. Sometimes, the rejection was physical, like being pushed out of the circle. Sometimes, it was plain and blatant verbal rejection.

I had a teacher, a history teacher, that was kind in a way I had never seen before. I spent the whole year observing her, searching for ulterior motives, fears of rejection, insecurity, just anything that would contribute to such saintly behavior. I found absolutely none. Through multiple trials, she continued to reach out toward those who were hurting and bless us continuously.

At the end of the year, I determined her worthy of trusting. I found no ulterior motives, no selfish reasonings. She was simply kind and compassionate. Well, somebody stole money she had been raising with some students. She said to the class that she forgave whoever committed the act and will figure something out. I was intrigued.

My family had to switch churches. I spent three days sobbing, but eventually we moved to the church. I never assumed I would attend the same church as my teacher, but she became my small group leader in youth group. I was too anxious to sit with anybody, so I sat in a corner by myself. She offered me a place beside her repeatedly, despite my insistance to isolate myself. Finally, I responded, began speaking to her, began socializing with the peers at my youth group. They too were incredibly kind, and I felt as though a portion of heaven had rained down.

I found God through the kindness of a teacher. She witnessed and ministered to me through my trials by merely existing. She taught me what love was by showing up whenever she could when nobody else was able to. She reached out to an outcast like Jesus did, and I restored my relationship with God because of the kindness of a teacher.


God is in the Rose

The qualities and aspects of God are recognizable through all of creation. Imagine a rose: yellow as a sun, pink as a sunset, white as wool, or red as the blood of Jesus. Each rose is formed of multiple, delicately placed petals creating a whole flower.

God is in the rose. He is a whole being, formed by multiple aspects of character: a petal of faith, a petal of hope, love, peace, power, vengeance, mercy… beauty.


The Prodigal

Another song…

It’s the same old story
I was lost and I went astray
It’s for your glory
Peace will come my way
Peace will come my way

For miles and miles I walked that road
With my burdens upon my back
I was alone and lacking a home
On a mission for satisfaction

My feet grew tired and weary
My soul was bruised and torn
I cried out into the darkness
With not a single hope of a reply

It’s the same old story
I was lost and I went astray
It’s for your glory
Peace will come my way
Peace will come my way

But you, you chased away my pride
Which was bent on my destruction
You opened up the skies, so I can see you
And I am yours
I am yours
I am yours

And I, I found a place to call my own
A kingdom I call home
I am not alone
For you are here with every step
And I have found my home
My redeemer’s in my heart
And I am his alone

It’s the same old story
I was lost and I went astray
It’s for your glory
Peace will come my way
Peace will come my way