I’m a byproduct of years in this life

Burdened and weary from tears and strife

My heart is shattered and dull-ish

My thoughts scattered and foolish


But I awoke one morning to mercy anew

For I was introduced newly to you

Your love and your grace

Lifted the shame from my face




Breath of God

By your word, light was established.
In your love, the world was formed.
But breath of God, I marvel most
At the creation of my being:
The carefully knit soul within my temple
And the hope pounding through my veins.

Oh breath of God,
Come once again
Breathe your life into me
For I am weary from this journey
And aching in my bones,
But I am unwilling to quit.


My old perspective:

I opened my eyes, filled with grief,

And raised my voice to join the chorus.

For the angels, by the throne of God,

Were mourning the birth of another useless life

And wailed in sorrow upon my deliverance.

For a sinful being was I, destined to grieve the Father

And fail, disappoint, all mankind.

My new perspective:

I opened my eyes in glee

Upon receiving my deliverance,

For I have been redeemed

By the precious blood of Jesus.

No longer will I mourn,

But rather join the angels’ chorus

Of everlasting praise.



Though the darkness closes in, and the night appears eternal, though the shadows taunt me, and the valley is darkened with doom, I will not fear. For your hand is mighty to save, and your heart pure with justice and hope. Your very being is the light by which my soul sees, and the stars will guide my way.

The Sea

With rage, the sea pounds the shore, stirring sand into the air in little swirls and washing thick foam toward my feet.

Without ceasing, the mighty waves thunder, and the air roars with droplets of salt water.
The rapids and currents sweep my feet from beneath.

Your love rages with a passion, stirring my soul to follow and washing over me heavily.

Your love is as unceasing as the thundering waves and constant as the droplets of water;
It sweeps my feet from under me.

A Love Poem

I will grasp your hand
And guide your feet
Along solid paths of righteousness
And through fields of everlasting peace

I will hug you close
And hold you near to my heart
With your name engraved in my mind
And your soul firm in my hand

My love for you is everlasting
To the extent of my son’s death
In which you are worth his worth
And have been adopted to sonship

Your Majesty


The mountains declare your majesty

The skies display your splendor

The birds sing your praises

The oceans roar your greatness

The grasses sway with worship

The whales groan in awe

The wind whistles in delight

The sun shines like your brilliance

The moon glows with your purity

The stars twinkle at your command

Jesus demonstrates your love

I represent your righteousness