A Relationship with God, Part 2


The stage in our life where we can ingest food rich in nutrients is the stage in our relationship with God that is built on the foundation piece by piece. A proper start to this new level and experience is to grow rapidly in our knowledge of God that we might understand his will and character. The next piece, or brick on the foundation, would be trust. This occurs after developing a good amount of knowledge about God. Then, practicing prayer will definitely form a stronger relationship as we learn to speak and listen to God. Once we learn to communicate with God habitually, we ought practice submission, in which we obey God and thereby develop character, humility, and ultimately, spiritual maturity, which spurs an increase in faith and pleases God.

A Relationship with God


Milk represents the basis of Christianity. While we are infants, we can ingest nothing more than milk until we develop. Therefore, milk in Christianity is the basics which are required to set a foundation in our relationship with God: acceptance of Christ as Savior, belief in the salvation from the Son of God, baptism (simply a public symbol of repentance, so therefore baptism or repentance), and continuous confession of sins in order to relieve guilt and encourage humility.

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