What if we weren’t flawed?

Imagine a world where nobody was flawed. What if that is this world? What if, as believers, we are not flawed? Who are we to determine what is flawed and what is perfect? I understand these are dangerous questions. We ought to accept we have limitations and weaknesses, but not every part of the body can perform every function. Yet, the body functions fearfully and wonderfully. I think we should spend less time contemplating the fact we are “just human, and humans are flawed,” and actually consider God intentionally designed each of us with strengths and weaknesses. We are not flawed and malfunctioned. We are works-in-progress and created fearfully and wonderfully.

Thought of the Day

“He will not give up on you.”

It’s hard, when counting your sins, to truly understand the love of God. I always feel like he might give up on me or forsake me, but despite these feelings, it is definitely not biblical.

God will not give up on you, no matter what. He is faithful when we are not, and if you ever feel like he might, which I often do, just look up scripture countering that lie. We are warriors. We can fight the fight of faith in a God who loves us.

Thought of the Day

“He is nearer than you think.”

When we go through hard times, or even good times (usually hard times, though), it’s easy to cry out in fear. I think we do this to get God to notice and draw closer to us. Yet, he is right here. His Spirit is in us. That means, no matter what we think or feel or experience, God is literally with us. He sees and understands our circumstances and walks through them with us.

I have learned, through experience, that in order to feel the presence of God or to feel near to him, I have often had to simply love those around me. Loving God is obedience to his word, and upon obeying, God’s presence and favor lights upon us and encourages us. However, God is, as a matter of fact, near to the broken hearted. When I cry, I am able to hear him whispering hope into my heart and mind. Simply listening is required.

Thought of the Day

“It’s in his hands.”

I know this is a kind of cliché saying, but you would be surprised how often we need to hear it. It’s in his hands.

I had a misunderstanding recently with one of my parents. I remember crying out to God in anguish. I have always struggled with a relationship with my father and he was confused about something I said. So naturally he was angry. I actually started crying and praying and finally God said that it was in his hands (it being my relationship with my father).

The reason I believed God was because, as I’ve prayed to him more and more about it, he has helped strengthen my father’s and my relationship.

Now, think about an area where God might whisper that it’s in his hands, and pray about it. Track the progress! I guarantee there will be some.

Thought of the Day

We don’t have to become perfect before entering into God’s presence.

My pride really struggles with this fact… to an extreme, even. Often, I am insecure about talking or praying to God, so I try to increase my vocabulary and appear to be more intelligent and happy than I really am. Today, God told me to just tell him what’s on my heart. So I told him I wish I could think about and pray to him all the time. He explained the reason I couldn’t do this was because I was being phony, searching for the right words.

God knows everything about us already. We can’t hide from him, nor does he want us to! Trying to be perfect for God, a common dilemma for many believers, prevents a genuine relationship with him! He wants us to be honest to him so he can be honest to us.